We offer a huge range of towing and disposal services, We buy old, rusty, unwanted, road worthy or not, wrecked, great and poor condition vehicles. And every single one we buy is collected from the seller, whether it needs towing or just driving away. Our recycling and re-using program turns your unwanted cars into cash, paid in hand, the same day of the sale. And all it involves is a very simple process, just follow 3 simple steps to get fast cash –

Step one – The call

The first thing you need to do is to call one of our polite team members, you will get through quickly and won’t be sitting on the line waiting. We will ask you a few straightforward questions about the car you’re selling such as, the model, age, condition etc. It should involve just a simple conversation that will take no longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes will ask you about the history of the car and parts that have been replaced but we will never try to sell you our services, everything will be on your terms. We will quote you the value of your car for absolutely nothing and you won’t be forced to take our offer!

Step two – The confirmation

During the call you will be asked whether you’d like to take the offer but we won’t force you to decide, we try to respect our customers choices and if you need time you can call back whenever you like. You won’t need to give us excuses and we understand that you may need to discuss the options with your other half or just think about it to yourself. If you’ve decided that you’d like to sell to us then we will arrange an appointment with you, the appointment will be made around your time schedule and we can come straight to your door.

Step three – The sale & payment

The appointment made will be the sale; we’ll bring the forms you need to sign with us. We will then transfer the title but you’ll need to prove who you are, so prepare some form of identification. One of our friendly team members will then confirm the condition of the car that you described. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line we will hand over the cash and then take the car with us.
It’s a piece of cake, get your cash now!

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