Our Company buys junk cars and will pay you a fair price for them!
Older cars are hard to sell in these modern times; they’re inefficient with fuel and produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide, that’s why nobody wants to buy them. People are becoming more aware of greenhouse gases and want more energy efficient and eco-friendly cars. Not to mention they’re looking for a dependable vehicle and a 15 year old car isn’t screaming reliability. Commonly cars have failed their drivers and have become un-road worthy; then it’s more expensive to fix the car and is worth more in scrap value than to repair. These unwanted cars are then taken to landfills which cause a lot more harm to us and the local environment than first realized. We avoid landfills and recycle all scrap cars that we buy!

How can you reduce my carbon footprint?
By allowing us to buy your scrap car you’re taking away the huge amount of carbon emissions that your old vehicle creates. We then recycle your car, which produces re-usable steel. Recycling the steel actually uses far less energy, which again is good for our environment. You’ll be surprised to know that by re-using old steel the prices of metals drop, which in turn reduces the costs of car prices – Helping you keep more money in your wallet!

How do I know if my car is scrap?
Over the phone we would more than likely be able to tell you whether your car is going to be scrapped or not but if you’d like to be in the know before you make the call then here is a few simple guidelines to help you decide.

Age is hugely important with metals and of course as a car ages it becomes rusty and starts to fall apart, also parts of the engine begin to seize and fail. Being unable to replace these parts due to the high expenses means the car becomes junk. We usually say that if a car is over 15 years old that it is automatically junk, unless of course it has had major work to keep it at a high standard.

Other things such as high milage (over 150,000 miles) or extreme damage to the engine, exterior or interior will determine whether it will be scrapped. They’re also scrap if they have blatant issues such as being a non-runner or being involved in a major accident. Ring us now and find out what you could get for the car you thought was unsellable!

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