We don’t judge anyone we buy from, as a humble and a local company we don’t restrict our sellers. As long as you live within Chula Vista or the surrounding areas we will buy from you, of course at the transfer of the title we will need to see that you own the car but besides that we won’t need any personal details. We won’t even need your name for a quote. We help thousands of people within the community sell their cars quickly, safely and fairly.  Whatever your age, race, job or redundancy you can get a free quote and a quick sale!

Who do you buy from?


Collectors will hold on to their cars some simply because of the meaning but others will because they believe they will be worth something in the long run. The truth is in the current market it’s extremely hard to sell a collectors car, eco-friendly is in and no one has the money to buy collectors’ vehicles. We don’t mind about the model of a car or if it’s on trend, we just care about the value and condition of the car. This is good news for collectors as they can get a well-priced and fast sale compared to the long dragged out sale they would normally get.

Business Owners

Business owners rely daily on the vehicles they use, especially companies like cab drivers or hotels. When a car becomes unreliable it’s very important for them to sell that car as fast as possible. This is so they can replace the old vehicle and carry on with their business without losing customers or reputation. We buy regularly from small businesses as we can buy the car within 48 hours and pay cash in hand, so there is no need to wait around.

Average Joe

We don’t just buy from individuals who struggle to sell their vehicles, we also buy from anyone who just wants a fast sale or the best deal. We buy from moms, teachers, students literally anyone. If you come from another country or your car is foreign, we will buy from you! Even if your car has been involved in an accident, we will tow it for free and still pay you for the scrap value. If it’s possible that anyone has been missed from this list, we will still buy from you. Just call us and see how healthy our prices are!

We Offer Money For J

We want your car, whether its 2 weeks old or ...

Why Should You Sell

 Avoid the time it takes to advertise; Get cash in hand, ...